Support LifeLine's Mission
We, the undersigned, ask the members of the United States Senate and United States House of Representatives to support the long-standing and bipartisan mission of ensuring that every household in America has access to affordable phone service.

Lifeline’s wireless benefit helps low-income Americans stay connected to their families and first responders during times of emergency. The program also provides an important tool that helps beneficiaries find jobs and stay connected to their employers. Lifeline also provides low-income seniors with the tools needed to stay in touch with their caregivers or healthcare providers.

Lifeline is not a part of the federal budget and is not funded by tax dollars, so eliminating or restricting Lifeline’s wireless benefit would have no impact on reducing the budget deficit or debt. But it would needlessly hurt millions of low-income families who struggle each day to make ends meet and depend on Lifeline.


Zero Impact on Deficit

Not Funded by Tax Dollars

Helps People Find Jobs

Improves Public Safety