logo-2The Lifeline Facts Campaign is a project of TracFone Wireless, Inc. that is dedicated to highlighting Lifeline’s value to America, promoting productive reforms to the program, preventing changes to the program that will reduce its effectiveness, and recruiting a community of Lifeline “team members” dedicated to ensuring the continued success of one of America’s most vital programs.

Lifeline offers discounted landline or wireless service to millions of Americans, supporting the long-standing and bipartisan policy goal of providing affordable access to phone service.  We believe that the Lifeline program has enormous value to low-income Americans. From connecting unemployed individuals to employers, to serving our nation’s veterans, to providing elderly and disabled individuals with access to mobile healthcare services and first responders, Lifeline provides opportunities to underserved communities who otherwise would not be able to afford this basic necessity.

This is why TracFone is proud to participate in the Lifeline program through our SafeLink Wireless® brand. We currently provide Lifeline wireless service to 4.5 million subscribers in 41 states and are the only wireless provider that has always maintained strong anti-fraud controls, helping to protect the integrity and true mission of the program.